Human Evolution: A Spiritual-Scientific Quest CW 183, nine lectures held in Dornach between 17 August and 2 September 1918 by Rudolf Steiner. Translated by Simon Blaxland-De Lange.


The whole book as a zip file.

1. Lecture 1: The Three Basic Evils of Present-day Human Culture: Narrow-mindedness, Philistinism and Ineptitude (Dornach, 17 August 1918)

2. Lecture 2: The Human Aura. Memory and Love (Dornach, 18 August 1918)

3. Lecture 3: The Aims of the Initiates of the East, of the West and of Jesuitism. The Demonic Influence of Ahriman upon Mankind through Technology (Dornach, 19 August 1918)

4. Lecture 4: The Threefold Sun Mystery of Ancient Times. The Mystery of Christ Jesus and of the Threefold Being of Man (Dornach, 24 August 1918)

5. Lecture 5: The Nature of Threefold Man. The Twelve Senses. Socialism. Apollonius of Tyana (Dornach, 25 August 1918)

6. Lecture 6: The Human Soul in Relation to the Soul World. The Limbs as Thoughts of the Higher Hierarchies. The Loss of the Spiritual Knowledge of the Old Mysteries. (Dornach, 26 August 1918)

7. Lecture 7: The Gulf Between Idealism and Realism. The Formation of Language from Cosmic Intelligence. (Dornach, 31 August 1918)

8. Lecture 8: The Pythagorean School and the Mendacity of the World at that Time. The Disintegration of Words after Death. The Members of a Dead Person's Being. (Dornach, 1 September 1918)

9. Lecture 9: Time and Space. The Perspectivity of Time. The Influence of Ahriman and Lucifer upon Man. (Dornach, 2 September 1918)