Nature's Open Secret is a translation of Goethe's Naturwissenschaftliche Schriften, Einleitungen, (1884-1897) by Rudolf Steiner. A previous translation was entitled Goethe the Scientist. (CW 1) [The excellent essay by John Barnes in not included in this reading - but highly recommended!]


The entire book as a zip file

1. Introduction

2. The Origin of Goethe’s Concept of Metamorphosis

3. The Origin of Goethe’s Thinking on Animal Morphology

4. The Nature & Significance of Goethe’s Writings on Organic Morphology

5. Goethe’s Way of Knowing

6. Concluding Remarks on Goethe’s Morphology

7. The Arrangement of Goethe’s Scientific Writings

8. From Art to Science

9. Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge

10. Knowledge & Action in the Light of Goethe’s Ideas

11. Goethe’s Way of Thinking Compared to Other Views

12. Goethe and Mathematics

13. Goethe’s Fundamental Geological Principle

14. Goethe’s Meteorological Ideas

15. On the Subjectivity of Sensory Perceptions

16. Goethe As Thinker & Researcher

17. Goethe versus Atomism

18. Goethe’s Worldview in His Verses in Prose