Secrets of the Threshold, a cycle of 8 lectures by Rudolf Steiner, with opening words of welcome, given in Munich, August 24 through the 31 of 1913 (CW 147).


The entire book as Zip File

0. Words of Welcome, August 24, 1913.

1. Lecture 1: Life after death as shown in The Soul's Awakening.

2. Lecture 2: Clairvoyant consciousness between the sensible and supersensible worlds.

3. Lecture 3: The elemental world; sleeping and waking, sympathy and antipathy.

4. Lecture 4: Ascent of the soul from the elemental to the spiritual world.

5. Lecture 5: The importance of the law of number and measure. The triad in everything.

6. Lecture 6: Ahriman and Lucifer in the realm of art.

7. Lecture 7: The maturing of Johannes Thomasius during the four Mystery Dramas.

8. Lecture 8: Lucifer and Ahriman in the past and present.