Extending Practical Medicine (Fundamentals of Therapy) CW 27, a book by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman.


The whole book as a zip file.

1. Understanding the True Nature of Man as a Basis of Medical Practice

2. Why Do People Fall Ill?

3. The Phenomena of Life

4. On the Nature of the Sentient Organism

5. Plant, Animal, Man

6. Blood and Nerve

7. The Nature of Medicinal Actions

8. Activities in the Human Organism—Diabetes Mellitus

9. The Role of Protein in the Human Body and Proteinuria

10. The Role of Fat in the Human Organism and Deceptive Local Symptom Complexes

11. The Configuration of the Human Body and Gout

12. Development and Separating-off Processes of the Human Organism

13. On the Nature of Illness and Healing

14. The Therapeutic Way of Thinking

15. The Method of Treatment

16. Perceiving Medicinal Qualities

17. Perceiving the Nature of Substances as a Basis of Pharmacognosy

18. Eurythmy Therapy

19. Characteristic Illnesses

20. Typical Medicines