How to use mp3 files.

First thing: Remember to click on the picture of the book image in order to access the page with the actual file links discussed below,

First of all, by just clicking on the desired file once you will automatically open your computer's media playing application and the file will begin playing on your computer speakers as it is downloaded.

If you wish to download the entire file to be played later or to place on an ipod-like device:

Go to a lecture and (windows) do right click to download file. You will get a 'save target as..'

For you Mac People it will depend on the browser you are using. For Safari press 'control' and hold click on the file and it will give you a pull down menu. choose save file as or save file to desktop etc. If you use omniweb just hold-click and the pull down menu will appear. I don't know exactly how IE works. (If you have the new mighty mouse you can right click like on a pc now).

mp3 is a compressed audio file that allows for great portability and storage advantage.

These files will play on:

1. any ipod-like device that plays mp3. you can directly download them onto such machines (using the provided instructions per your device and computer system).

2. Your computer (using itunes or a variety of audio players).

Once you burn a selection onto a CD they can be played on:

1. Your DVD player.

2. Most newer home CD players

3. Most Car CD players.

4. Many portable CD players.

(Although it might seem complicated in some cases a go-through once or twice usually helps to see how the files need to be managed by your system - patience!)

In addition, in itunes, you can also re-translate the files back into conventional cd player audio files that can then be burned on cd's and play on any cd player. However, you are constrained to a maximum of 80 minutes per cd (regardless of the actual file size, it is a time-dependent constraint).